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International Cooperation

International cooperation and exchanges are considered as the one of most important career in the school. We have connected with schools, education institutions, pre-school education experts from different countries.  School leaders and excellent teachers have been invited to study and exchange abroad , including America, Canada, North Europe, Japan and South Korea. Meanwhile, many foreign school leaders and experts from the University of Memphis, University of Windsor, Manchester University, American Masters school, Cambodia Management and Economics University , Taiwan National Ping Tung Institute of Commerce, Taiwan Cheung Chou University of Science and Technology visited and exchanges to our school.

We have built the Family Education Research Center with Fudan University in June,2006. In April,2013, we started the project of Pre-school education training under the help of China Song Qing ling foundation, the Macao Foundation.  The Rural kindergarten teachers training program was started by Guiyang pre-school education college and Guizhou Xinhe Public Welfare Foundation together in June,2013. We Signed the intent cooperation contract with Taiwan Cheung Chou University of Science and Technology in December,2013. Thus, we built a 5-year cooperative relationship with Taiwan Cheung Chou University of Science and Technology.

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