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Acadmic Programs

Guiyang Preschool Education College,with the history of 28 years, was found in 1984. The school develops and flourishes by the joint efforts of all the teachers and students.

    The lifeline of the school is the educational quality. To cultivate excellent teachers is a goal in our school. Researches become an important carrier for teachers’ professional development. The foundation of the school is researching. And the teachers insist to study in teaching and educating. The most important thing is to improve themselves and find their self-value. In the experimental subjects, studying is a great part for experimental teachers. And it promotes the professional growth of teachers effectively.

    Moreover, the teachers pay more attention to the open, varied and flexible research process. So the teachers solve problems in different ways, and they enjoy it.

    The preschool education and the teachers are developed by the scientific researches in Guizhou Province. In recent years, we undertake 12 projects of national level,14 projects of provincial level and 10 projects of municipal level. 410 staffs participate in the researches which cover 9 cities in Guizhou Province. And 364 kindergartens and 6094 kindergarten teachers take part in the researches. The teachers published more than 190 papers in official journals, edited and compiled 141 textbooks. And there are 168 award-winning papers of municipal competitions. All of these play an important role in early childhood education of Guizhou Province

    The teachers improve own quality with every research, and they also pay attention to their professional development after completing the researches. We think that is the meaningful value and happiness for research teachers.

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