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Guiyang Pre-school Education College , the predecessor of whom is Guiyang Kindergarten’s Teacher-training School was established in 1984, which is the first school for training and developing pre-school teachers in Guizhou. Besides, Guiyang Pre-school Education College has a good reputation in Chinese pre-school educational field.

    Guiyang Pre-school Education College has the fully equipped facilities and abundant qualified teachers,existing 208 staffs . Among the teachers, there are 132 full-time teachers , all of whom have a bachelor degree or above ; 35 high-level title teachers, which take up 35.6% of full-time teachers; 47 staff members with master degree or above, which take up 36% of full-time teachers ; 59 “two-qualification”teachers , which take up 42% of full-time teachers.  

    Guiyang Pre-school Education College insists the feature of pre-school education in professional curriculum arranging. Facing the important opportunity of upgrading, and insisting on the conception of vitalizing school through scientific research, we take part in 36 state key research topics and subtopics, municipal research missions involving 9 cities of Guizhou and 364 kindergartens. Meanwhile, we train a professional and high-qualified teaching staff team by teacher professional training and talent introduction, to offer the intelligence support for school’s developing.

    Since the school was established in 29 years ago, we have held the curriculum ideas of focusing on ethics education, stabilizing the basic education, researching major curriculum intensively, and developing students’ forte, to train the  inter-disciplinary pre-school teachers who can be qualified in basic subjects and master fortes. Therefore, the kindergarten teachers who were graduated from our school are popular in kindergartens, enterprises and institutions. The employment rate of graduates has remained at 97.56%.

    Guiyang Pre-school Education College constructs an education system with an management concept of humanity, elaboration and ecologicalization, to achieve the integration of pre-service training and post training for pre-school teachers. We are trying to become the best pre-school education school in Guizhou, the one of most excellent pre-school education schools in China, and an modern pre-school education college acting on international convention, to make new contributions to Guizhou pre-school education career.

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