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The New Students Management Lecture was Held by the Study Committee

The new students management lecture was held on September 26th, 2017 in the concert hall of Guiyang Preschool Education College. The host of the lecture was Mr. Zhan Weiqin from Department of Academic Affairs and Mr. Gao Yang from Department of Student Affairs. Mr. Zhen and Mr. Gao went through the two main issues: application Dingdingand school roll management, and also answered questions raised by new students.

First of all, Mr. Gao explained the usage of the application Dingding, including how to register, enroll, ask for leave, apply for scholarship and awards so as to let new students use this application better and faster. At the same time, Mr. Gao pointed out to new students that they can ask teachers for help through Weibo or Weixin.

Then, Mr. Zhan explained the school roll management in detail, pointed out the importance of the student management handbook and helped new students log on the network. Besides, issues such as how to change major, how to change the information on the  personal information form were mentioned by Mr. Zhan. At last, Mr. Zhan explained the process and general conditions of getting teacher certification, which lay the foundation for the new students.

At the end of the lecture, Mr. Zhan and Mr. Gao encouraged students to raised questions and explained them patiently. New students got a more particular knowledge of the campus life through this lecture.

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