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Introduction of The Library

The library of Gui Yang Preschool Education College Qing Zhen Campus covers more than 13 thousand square meters currently contains 164,700 paper books and 620 kinds of magazines. It administrated by 6 librarians with the Gold Plate library integrated management system. There are 1 server, 8operating platforms, 2 Photocopiers, 2 printers, 5 un-interruptible power sources, 21 anti-theft devices and 1 magnetic code detector. In addition, e-reading room is equipped with 132 computers and 4 automatic service machines.

Following the instruction of Party committee and other executive leaders, one Chief Librarian and two Deputy Librarian are responsible for the planning, organizing, commanding and coordinating administrative and operational tasks. The library has 5 divisions: administrative office, department of Literature Resources, department of technology and information support, department of readers’ service and department of information service. In spite of that, 20 functional rooms are provided: digital lecture hall, comprehensive stack, educating, art stack, children’s reading area, e-reading room, newspapers and magazines reading room, multifunctional lecture hall, local writers’ books reading room and so on. In 2017, the books stored in the library will amount to 400,000 and the number of e-books will be 350,000 as well.

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