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The Department of Planning and Finance

The Department of Planning and Finance is the only financial management division. We are responsible for accounting, financial management, fund raising, fund management and accounting supervision to manage and account the revenue and the expenditure of school’s economic activities under the leading of president.

    The Department of Planning and Finance execute the country economic policy and rules, and country uniform accounting system. We build the school financial system , routine accounting system and order according to the basic financial rules and regulations. Our routine works includes: making the annual financial budget and balance plan ; managing and controlling the executing of budget to confirm achieve the budget plan ; managing the school national asset; building the management system of accounting files; involving the work of fund turned over to the state treasury; managing the charging and students’ grubstake work with the accompany of the Department of Students; involving the essential economic activities and routine internal audit of all the department of the school.

    We practices the financial management system, which is "unified leadership, centralized management." Meanwhile,  the financial rules, the harmonization of financial revenue and expenditure plans, apical resource allocation, and accounting business leaders are uniformed by the school.   

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