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Department of Admissions and Employment

The Office of Admissions and Employment has a staff of 4 persons. They devise the policy, regulations and methods of admissions and then organize the implementation with the approval of the school leaders via investigation and study. Together with the Academic Affairs Office and the Students' Affairs Office, they lay down, submit for approval and implement the admissions scheme of the college. They are in charge of every year’s intake of students. They are involved in the registration of freshmen and responsible for the statistical analysis of freshmen’s origins and other information. Besides, they provide graduates with career guidance and counseling service about starting a business. They make statistical analysis on the graduate job information of the year. They deliver the information about the graduates of the year to the society. At the same time they collect, assort and release job information for graduates. They, as well as the audio-visual center, have set up a job information platform for graduates and are gradually improving it. They have also built a data base of the employers and have been in touch with the employers in order to expand employment opportunities for graduates. After the students take up an occupation, they continue to track how the students are getting along with their work. In addition, they review the students from secondary vocational schools who have been recommended as the excellent to further their study and then report. They are also responsible for the work related to the entrance examination to higher vocational colleges,an examination the students from secondary vocational schools who have applied for entrant to higher vocational schools will have to take. The work relevant to the self-admission of the college is done by them too. They offer comments and suggestions regarding the specialty construction, the school curriculum and the admissions scheme of the college. Sometimes they must perform other duties assigned by the school leaders.

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